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Foot and Ankle Associates based in the Silicon Valley, with offices in Los Gatos and Cupertino, California, are committed to helping people maintain active and independent lifestyles. By educating patients and addressing their needs, they are focused on treating and preventing a wide spectrum of foot ailments in people of all ages.

Podiatrists are uniquely trained to treat all foot and ankle disorders. Preparatory education for most Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPMs) consists of 4 years of pre-med undergraduate studies, followed by 4 years of coursework in an accredited podiatric medical school. After this, graduates attend a 2 or 3 year hospital-based residency. They then must sit for a state licensing exam. Podiatrists are well-versed in sports medicine, biomechanics, radiology, dermatology, and surgery relating to the foot and ankle.

Drs. Cornelison, Elardo, Howard, An, Sheth and Lee are an integral part of the healthcare team, working with other medical specialists and primary care physicians, with a common goal of keeping people healthy.

Foot Pain Treatment Los Gatos

The Art and Craft of Healing

Possibly due to a more sedentary lifestyle, today’s world is witnessing a higher incidence of foot, ankle and lower limb ailments. This has resulted in an increasing need for skilled specialists in this particular field of medicine.

The Foot and Ankle Associates team is skilled in such counseling and identifying diabetic foot symptoms before they are allowed to become full-blown problems.

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Foot Conditions

Foot and Ankle Associates treats various foot and ankle ailments in people of all ages. Here is a partial list of issues they address:

Meet Our Doctors

Drs. Cornelison, Elardo, Howard, An, Sheth and Lee use strong ethics and high quality healthcare in the treatment of multi-faceted foot disorders.


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