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Are your shoes giving you enough support?

It’s Dr. Sheth here! We, at Foot and Ankle Associates, wanted to share some information with you to keep your feet safe and healthy while you are spending more time at home. Needless to say, whether you are trying to stay active by walking more and using your home gym, or you’re just trying to keep it together and get your house-chores done, most of us are not following our normal routines.

Here’s a few things to remember, most of us are used to wearing shoes when we are active. Just because we are home, doesn’t mean our feet don’t feel the impact. Hardwood and tiled floors are the biggest offenders because they have relatively little give. Carpeting is better, however, depending on your activity; you can still feel the impact on your feet. It’s important to use house-shoes or slippers at the very least to provide some shock absorption.

Remember that you are also probably doing more on your feet at home than you are used to, so make sure to use shoes that not only provide cushioning but also good support. Normally, we are in shoes when we are being active. Take a look at your pedometer - you’re probably doing more than you think!

The same goes for home exercise programs and walking. Make sure you’re using good supportive shoes (like you would during any other time) and that you are stretching and not over exerting yourself. Just because you’re live-streaming your regular exercise class from home, doesn’t mean you can forego using the right footwear!

As always, if you have any questions about your feet, all our doctors at Foot and Ankle Associates are here to help. Any pain in your feet or you just can’t figure out what shoes work - call us! We have telemedicine and in-person appointments available.

Take care and be safe! And enjoy learning new things about your feet!

Dr. Sheth

My house slipper. It has arch support with a solid sole.
And Bonus: it is machine washable!

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