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Pain in the foot? Might be a wart

Plantar Warts
Greetings everyone! Dr. Howard here. I hope that your summer is off to a great start. With warm weather, we see more people venturing out to pools and wearing flip flops, sandals, or going barefoot. Barefoot walking puts you not only at risk of stepping on a piece of glass or other foreign body but also a wart.

Warts are unusual in many ways. First of all, they are a virus that if left untreated will continue to spread, grow and multiply. They can be transferred from person to person meaning that they are also contagious. Typically, warts start with one central wart and from there can grow or spread. We refer to these as satellite lesions or a mosaic wart in the case of a very large wart.

Warts are commonly mistaken for a callus, but there are some characteristics that are diagnostic. Warts obliterate the skin lines, meaning they are an expansile lesion, whereas a callus is just a patch of thickened or roughened skin. Warts also hurt when pinched with side to side compression. Calluses hurt with more direct pressure. Oftentimes, as warts grow the lesion will turn black or have black dots that infiltrate the lesion. These are capillary loops that make their way to the surface and are what is keeping the wart alive.

There are many treatments for warts from over the counter acid patches, to other options that can be administered conservatively in our office. If you or a family member have a lesion, make an appointment to have it evaluated and treated. Our doctors at Foot and Ankle Associates can help find a personalized solution to get you back to yourself again! Stay safe and see everyone soon.

Dr Howard

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