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Suffering from Ingrown Toenails?

Ingrown toenails
Dr. Elardo here with some tips on proper toenail care during spring and summer season. The days are getting warmer and longer. We have shed our winter clothes for summer sandals, sport and hiking shoes. As our activity level increases so does the pressure on our toenails which at times can be detrimental to your general foot health.

Just like skin, your nails are a barrier for protection from fungus, yeast and bacteria. With repetitive trauma from sports and pedicures, the nails can become damaged and often times infected with one of these organisms.

Have you had trouble with thickened toenails with pain at the margins of the nails?

Is it uncomfortable for you to put your shoes on? Does it hurt when the bedsheets put pressure on your toes? Do you experience pain after a pedicure?

If so, you could be suffering with an acute or chronic condition known as a paronychia or infected ingrown nail. While ingrown toenails are a very common Podiatric condition, they are easily treated resolving your pain and discomfort often within a single office visit.

If the margin of the nail is red, crusted and inflamed with drainage coming from the nail, this may be more urgent and you should seek out Podiatric care as soon as possible. The Physicians at Foot and Ankle Associates are well versed in the treatment options for ingrown toenails from any cause. Please do not hesitate to contact our office for consultation to discuss your options. And remember, telehealth continues to be available during the Covid Pandemic.

Stay healthy,
Dr. Elardo

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