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Why you shouldn’t walk off ankle pain!

Pain in your ankle can occur for multiple reasons. Although ankle sprains are frequently the main culprit, a fractured bone could also be a reason why you are experiencing pain.

The posterior process of the talus is a naturally occurring facet of bone that protrudes from the back of a bone in the ankle called the talus. The function of this bone is to house a tendon that helps bend your great toe downwards. In some people, this bone is enlarged and more likely to be injured.

If an injury occurs with your foot pointed in the downward position, such as with ballet dancers in the “pointe” or “demi-pointe” position, this bone can break, causing what is called a posterior process talus fracture.

This condition causes pain with weight bearing and with impact activities. Oftentimes, a clicking sensation may be felt in the back of the ankle. Bending the great toe can sometimes elicit the pain, but not always.

Immobilization and physical therapy can be helpful to reduce the pain. If the fracture continues to cause problems, however, surgery may be required to remove the bone fragment. Surgical removal involves identifying the bone and removing it through a small incision in the back of the ankle. In many instances, this procedure can be performed by arthroscopic instrumentation with a camera.

Ankle Pain Treatment

After the procedure, patients are initially non-weight bearing and then are placed in a walking boot for up to 4-6 weeks. Physical therapy may be needed to rehabilitate your ankle as you return to impact activities in supportive shoes.

Posterior process talus fractures are very frustrating injuries, but several treatments are available that can be satisfying for patients and allow for recovery to pre-injury form. If your ankle pain isn’t getting better, make sure to get it checked out!

Stay active and stay safe,

Dr. Kevin Ragothaman

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